About Us

Our Vision:

At Hair Visions International we are focused on the goals and aspirations of our employees, our customers, and their clients. We are creating a company, culture, products, and services that form an attractive and beneficial environment for all those in our industry; requiring integrity, accountability and respect, squarely facing all challenges.

The customer experience is at the heart of everything we do. We want everyone to have a positive, convenient and easy journey, and to communicate that to others.

Our Foundation:

Established in 1975, Hair Visions International is today one of the largest and most respected distributors of men and women’s hair replacement and enhancement products in the world. Our brands – On Rite, Gemtress, UltraTress, and TressAllure – offer retailers everything they need to build their business. In choice and processes, we offer only the best.

Our Goal:

To provide the resources which include product, marketing, education and customer service to help retailers achieve optimal business growth. By offering these services, retailers are afforded the widest range of choice in the industry for hair replacement and enhancement solutions to offer their clients.

Our Future:

As a company that has a storied reputation in understanding consumer insights, we will continue to innovate and improve as new trends emerge. In products, marketing, service, education, and support, there are always new mountains to conquer. At Hair Visions International, we’re ready to take you to new heights.